We’ve been
green since before
it was cool

Since way before most people even started thinking about going green, we’ve been using eco-friendly vegetable-based inks. We’re also into recycling, in fact 90 per cent of all our waste materials are recycled – even our lunch wrappers. We have a raft of environmental policies in place to ensure we dispose of all waste products safely and all our staff are educated in proper disposal techniques. And, it’s important to us that we replace old and environmentally unsafe products with new green ones as soon as they are commercially available – keeping things green and clean.

We also like to use environmentally friendly paper stock where we can. If it’s been a while since you took a look at recycled papers, they no longer look like you could use them to sand back the boardroom table after you’ve finished reading your report. Let us help you choose environmentally safe papers that won’t affect the print quality or your budget. The only thing they will affect is your environmental credentials, which are becoming more and more important for all companies today.


There’s more to life than just printing.

Although we’re very focused on our business, we are also aware that we have a bigger role to play in caring for our community, so we help out where we can.

We’re not only helping to conserve Australia’s trees by encouraging the use of recycled papers, we’re also helping to repopulate them as part of our sponsorship of WIRES. We also care for people through our sponsorships of Canteen, The Breast Cancer Foundation, The Leukaemia Foundation, Rotary, and World Vision.


FSC® Certified

Green and Gold is actively involved with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and is FSC certified.

Products carrying the FSC label are independently certified to assure consumers that they come from forests, and other responsible sources, that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. If you're looking for FSC, we’ve got it covered, see below for our FSC Product Groups:

FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – notebooks (product code 7.1)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – pads (product code 7.2)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – file folders (product code 7.3)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – post and greeting cards (product code 7.5)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – envelopes (product code 7.6)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – adhesive labels (product code 7.8)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – books (product code 8.1)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – magazines (product code 8.2)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – newspapers (product code 8.3)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – advertising materials (product code 8.4)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – business cards (product code 8.5)
FSC Mix / FSC Recycled – calendars, diaries and organisers (product code 8.6)


Want to know more about FSC? Click here.